Happy Tails 2008


Elba went to her forever home on December 26th. After living with nearly 100 other animals in a horrible hoarding situation, Elba will now get to be the one and only and the queen of the house! As you can see from the photo, she absolutely loves her new daddy! We are so excited about how life has turned around for this sweet beautiful girl! She will be called Día in her new home, which is Spanish for the word "day." A brand new name for her new start in life!


Two times is a charm for our boy Hans. Just in time for Christmas Hans has gone to his forever home where, as you can see, he has fit right in. Hans now has a sister Hemi to play with all day long in their brand new fenced in yard and a Mom and Dad to shower with boxer kisses.
This dog who was rescued on his last day at animal control, who was adopted and returned to the rescue, has, at last, found his "home".


Merry Christmas Titus!
After a long day of playing with all of his new boxer friends at Sunday's "Pictures with Santa", Titus's new parents picked up our sweet long-legged boy to take him home. Titus is an only child, this means he will get all the love and attention that this guy deserves! Titus has a some stomach issues, but this new family is more than happy to cook for him! YAY TITUS!!!!


Zeke went to his forever home on December 7th.  The family was so excited they had a "Welcome Home Zeke" sign on their front door and they video taped Zeke as he walked up the stairs to his new home.  He was welcomed by Grandma and Grandpa too!  He will have a skin brother and skin sister to play with and will have lot's of love!!  We couldn't think of a better home for Zeke.  Zeke's new family has a lot of love to give him and we know he will be very very happy there. 


Our sweet Hogan found his forever home on Friday, Novemeber 28! What a happy holiday it turned out to be for his new family!

Hogan's new family welcomed this brindle boy with open hearts and arms. He now has his own boy & girl to wrestle and play with. Hogan went home to lots of new toys to play with and he gets to sleep in bed with his new parents!

Hogan's new mom called ABR 2 days after picking up Hogan to explain how PERFECTLY he fit into their home & to thank us for choosing them to adopt!


Deuce was adopted by his forever family on 11/28/08. The night his adoptive Dad came to meet him, Deuce walked up to him, tail wagging vigorously, and when his Dad knelt down, Deuce gently put his paws on his shoulders as if giving him a big hug - it was love at first sight! Since arriving at his new home, Deuce has been going on runs with his new skin brother and is really enjoying being the center of attention of his loving family. We at ABR are so happy Deuce found such a wonderful forever home!

Macy Gray

Macy Gray pranced into her forever home on November 30th like she'd been there forever. She greeted her new Mom and Dad, skin sister and fur brother with her famous kidney dance and boxer kisses. She and her new boxer brother Dennis immediately hit it off and started boxing with no need for formal introductions. She sat so nicely when her new Dad gave her a treat. We are so happy that Macy Gray has finally found a place she can call home, lots of toys to play with, many future hikes and walks with her new family to look forward to and most of all, lots and lots of love that she can depend on. We couldn't be happier for her!


Sweet little Maggie has found her forever home! The wait has been worth it as she now has a loving family to call her own. Maggie will get to spend her days playing with her two skin siblings and giving them lots of boxer kisses. She also has a nice yard where she can roam and play. Her new family just adores her, and we are so happy that they found each other in time to spend the holiday season together! Good luck Maggie


Emily went to her forever on November 21st. She will have a huge yard to play in and have a laid back fur brother to sleep with. Emily's new mom and dad are so excited to have her! Emily made herself at home with her new family and took it upon herself to climb on the couch and sit down. We couldn't be happier for this sweet girl! She will be loved and she will never have to worry about sitting on the cold floor of a kennel ever again!!


Pixel went to her forever home on November 22, 2008. She was adopted into a wonderful, loving family and has a Boxer sister to run and play with every day. She also has a nice wooded yard where she will be able to get exercise. Pixel's new mom and dad have owned Boxers for more than 30 years. She is in great hands and should have a long happy life now! We at ABR are thrilled to see this sweet little deserving Boxer in such a great home!


Pacer was adopted into his forever home on November 22, 2008 and we are so happy for him. This poor boy who was dumped off to animal control when his owners decided they didn't want him anymore was taken in by ABR and was an immediate hit with his gentle manners and striking good looks. He's now the king of his castle with a skin kid to watch over and a loving Mom and Dad.


Reed and his new family met and it was love at first sight! They were just thrilled and couldn't wait to get him to his new home. Reed now has two loving parents and a little skin sister that will be sure to provide him with a safe and happy home.


After spending some time with Apollo, his new family really fell in love with him! Seeing how gentle and calm he was, they asked, "Is he always like this?!" Apollo has a feline friend to play with now and they are getting along well. He seems to have a great fondness for his family already! Usually, he needs to be lifted into a car to go somewhere, but he jumped right in with them.


On November 13, 2008, Duke was delivered to his forever home. He was so happy to see that his new parents already have another Boxer, a little baby girl named Madison. Duke and Maddie hit it off immediately, much to the delight of their parents, and wasted no time in trying out their boxing techniques on each other. There are several other Boxers in this quaint neighborhood and we're sure Duke will soon have more buddies than he knows what to do with! He is so appreciative that he now has a wonderful home, loving family and a great fenced-in yard to boot -- what more could a sweet, deserving Boxer boy ask for!


Rebel is now known as Willis and we couldn't be happier for him. He has found a loving home to call his own. His new Daddy, Jeff, states "He has been an absolute God given gift and we love him so much." In fact Willis has his new parent wrapped around his finger, as most of us understand from personal experience. That's clear by Jeff telling us "Somehow, he ends up in our bed by the morning time, which is fine because he is so loveable and snugly." And he humbles us when he said "We can't thank you and all the people at ABR for your time and commitment in ensuring these dogs find their forever home." That last statement makes all of what we do worth it. Thank you Jeff & Tonya.


Meet Casey. Some of you won't remember this little girl, but we brought her into our care not too long ago. Unfortunately, she had Parvo! While at Acworth Animal Hospital agonizing over what we were going to do, angels were sent to her rescue. Parvo is a very expensive treatment with no guarantee of survival. ABR, with limited funds at the moment, was torn as to whether we could afford the chance or just humanely put her down. That's when two of Dr. Carmichael's vet techs stepped forward. They said they would pay for the treatment. That meant signing over ownership to them so they could get their employee discount. We did so happily! Even more exciting is the one of the vet techs, Tonya, formally adopted Casey. Yes our girl made it! All in all a very happy ending. Also it was a great reaffirmation that kindness extends beyond our rescue and into the community that continues to support our efforts. Thank you everyone, but especially Tonya and Dayton!


Ruby went to her forever home on October 29th, 2008. She was so excited to meet her new family that she couldn't stop giving them her world famous boxer kisses even long enough to take this picture! Upon their first meeting, she romped around and boxed with her new boxer brother King until they both ran out of steam. Ruby is one lucky gal because she has a big yard to play in with her new best fur friend and a wonderful couple to give her all of the attention she deserves. Ruby has such a zest for life and we are so excited that she has such a happy future ahead of her.


Our precious King found his forever home on October 26, 2008. He now has a fur brother and many skin siblings to play with in his wonderful new yard. He is already loving this new 'playground' which is likely every dog's dream! We are very happy to have placed this sweet and playful dog with such an awesome and loving family.


Lulu is now living with a sister, Macy, an 8 month old boxer who was needing a playmate. Upon the very first meeting, the ladies hit it off and we’re sure Macy and Lulu will box, play and tire themselves out which is just what their parents had hoped for. Lulu, though small in stature, is a powerhouse; playful, spunky and quite generous with her kisses. It’s another success story for us at Atlanta Boxer Rescue; we couldn’t be happier !


Our self-proclaimed "love bug" Riley joined his new forever home on October 12, 2008. His new parents were absolutely excited about welcoming him into their family. So excited, in fact, that Riley came home to a new collar, leash, and bed, as well as a whole assortment of new toys and tasty treats all for him! In no time, Riley settled right in and knew he had found the right place to be loved and cared for. His new parents, and our ABR volunteers, couldn't be happier! Riley's new family had this to say:
"Thanks so much for your help with Riley, we love him! We had a great afternoon and went for our first run/walk around the neighborhood and now Riley is sleeping very peacefully on his new bed. He is a great dog and will now have a great home. Thanks again."


Molly was very Happy to go to her new forever home. Scott is her new Dad and they could not be happier together. Scott works from home so Molly is very excited about getting to spend so much time with him. She is the only child but they have plenty of fur friends that live close by that Molly gets to play with. She is settiling in great and is doing Very well in Dog School 101!!!!!!!


Hero, now Rex, went to his forever home on 9/24/08. His new family, (Mom, stay-at-home Dad, 8-yr old skin sister, and Boxer brother), are so excited to have him in their family. He and his Boxer brother spend a good deal of their days romping and playing in their beautiful fenced-in yard and also at the dog park, just enjoying their new life together. We're so happy for Rex and his forever family!


Pebbles went to her forever home on September 21, 2008. She has a new skin sister and a skin brother who immediately offered up his room for her when they were discussing where Pebbles should sleep. The entire family fell in love with her at first sight and Pebbles couldn’t wait to give them all kisses!

Butch (now Riley)

Butch was adopted by a wonderful family on August 16, 2008. He now has a new fur sister as well as two skin siblings to play with. Butch, who has become known for his big sloppy boxer kisses, will be missed by his foster family, but we are happy this deserving boxer found such a good home.

UPDATE FROM FAMILY: We want to update everyone on Riley (previously Butch). He has totally settled into our home and won his way into our hearts and family! Sophie our boxer loves having a new addition to the family and she pesters him constantly until he plays with her. Our daughter and Riley have also become fast friends and we want to thank ABR for introducing Riley to our family. We love him.


Miller went to his forever home on August 16th 2008. He has a fur sister Suzie to play with all day long and his new Mom and Dad are so excited to have Miller as part of their family. This dog who came to us underweight with mange, who had no idea how to be a dog has finally found a home to call his own - we are so proud and happy for Miller! UPDATE: Miller's new family wanted to update everbody on his medical conditions. On his last visit to the vet, he tested negative for mange and his leg had completely healed. Many thanks to those who contributed to his healthcare either monetarily or with prayers.


Cooper went to his forever home on August 10, 2008. He now has a stay-at-home mom, a great dad, two energetic kids, and a cute Poodle mix to play with. His new family is very excited to have him and we are thrilled to see him go to such a great home!

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily went to her forever home on July 21, 2008. She now has two skinkids to play with and another on the way. Her new mommy and daddy are very active and her daddy, who loves to jog, plans to take Lily along. We couldn't have asked for a better home for our first rescue!