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Stray Dogs

Please note: Atlanta Boxer Rescue does not take in stray dogs. As much as we would love to help every boxer in need - we realize that we cannot. As a rescue group we can only do so much. We are regular working people with families of our own, just like you, who do boxer rescue because we love the breed. Rescue is a volunteer activity and rescue people commit countless hours helping homeless dogs. WE DO NOT HAVE A SHELTER. All of our dogs are in foster homes around Atlanta.

We are contacted on a daily basis about dogs that are wandering neighborhoods, have been abandoned in a yard or have been neglected. If you have come across an abandoned or neglected boxer PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL CONTROL FACILITY IMMEDIATELY. We work closely with a lot of our animal control facilites and we work hard to ensure that boxers in animal control do not die needlessly. There is a specific intake process that we must abide by per the Department of Agriculture when bringing a dog into the rescue.

Due to the fact that we are almost always full, and there is a constant stream of boxers in animal control, we regretfully cannot take in boxer mixes at this time. Please contact an all breed organization to see if they can help.

If you have further questions, please let us know.

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