Application For Adoption

Our goal is to place our Boxers into forever homes, so please read our Before You Adopt section before filling out this application.  Your answers to these questions will help us find the best homes for our Boxers, and the best Boxer for your family.  If you are interested in adopting one of our Boxers or if you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please fill out the following application and one of our volunteers will be in touch with you. Please note: Applicants must be 21 or over. We will only place Boxers in homes in the Greater Atlanta area.
Adoption fees are as follows: Boxer Puppy (0-6 months) - $300, Young Boxer (7-12 months) - $275, Adult Boxer (12 months+) - $250.

Applicant Information

Household Information and Living Situation

I live in an apartment.
I live in a townhome or condominium.
I live in a single family home.
I live in a mobile home.
Please describe:

My yard is fenced.
My yard is not fenced.

I own my home.
I rent my home.

Yes, I do have permission to have a dog.
No, I do not have permission to have a dog.

Yes, you may contact my landlord.
No, you may not contact my landlord.


Yes, someone in the household is allergic to animals.
No, no one in the household is allergic to animals.

Yes, full-time
Yes, part-time


Reference and Veterinarian Information

Yes, I have a veterinarian.
No, I do not have a veterinarian.

Pet Information and History



Yes, I have given up a dog.
No, I have never given up a dog.

Boxer Information


This dog will be a gift.
This dog will be a pet.
For guarding my home or office.
For hunting.
I would like a dog for breeding.
Other.   Please describe:

Yes, I will attend an obedience class.
No, I will not attend an obedience class.


If yes, which rescue?

I found you on Facebook.
Through the meetup group
On a search engine
A link from another website
A newspaper ad
Word of mouth
Previous adopter
Please describe: 

We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this application procedure. Please understand that our goal is to make sure that our Boxers are placed in only the best homes. Please read the following.

Atlanta Boxer Rescue, Inc. ("ABR") has the right to refuse an adoption for ANY reason! The responsibility of ABR is in the best interest of the animal.

By clicking on "Submit Application", I certify that the above information is true. I further understand that if any information on my application changes between this time and prior to adopting an animal, I am required to inform ABR immediately and ABR has the right to reverse my approval and re-evaulate my application. I understand and agree that this adoption placement is conducted solely for the purpose of providing permanent long-term care for the adopted animal. Should a representative of ABR ask to see the animal(s), reasonable access will be granted. If it is determined that the animal(s) are not properly cared for, the animal(s) may be reclaimed by ABR at no expense. Further, I agree to pay any expenses, including legal fees that may be incurred by ABR in the event that the adopted animal(s) placed into my custody are reclaimed by ABR due to neglect or abuse of said adopted animal(s). This application remains the property of ABR and I understand that this information will be included with my adoption contract.

By applying for the adoption of a Boxer, I hereby give permission to my veterinarian, my personal reference and landlord (if applicable) to disclose information to ABR. Only a fully executed contract will complete this adoption.